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Kung Fu Flash was inspired by the 80’s and 90’s old arcade games such as Double Dragon, Final Fight, TMNT, and The Simpsons.  These come from a very exciting and popular genre that has evolved in several ways in the past 25 years.  Kung Fu Flash seeks to add a new dimension to the street brawler genre in the form of close and personal combat.  This new form of fighting gives the player the freedom to choose how to dispatch their enemies using authentic martial arts moves and combinations.  Kung Fu Flash focuses on the art of Wing Chun.  However, it features several different fighting styles which include street fighting, western boxing, Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai, and Krav Maga.


Game Features:

·         Wing Chun Martial Art with over 40 authentic moves.

·         5 Different fighting styles represented by enemies.

·         5 Chapters of pure Kung Fu fighting action.

·         Leaderboards and Achievements.

·         Destroy dozens upon dozens of enemies throughout each level.

·         Challenging boss fights will test your Kung Fu skills.

·         Survival Mode lets you rack up on your KO counter for the ultimate bragging rights.

·         Challenge Mode lets you setup different personal challenges to recreate some of Kung Fu movies’ greatest scenes.

·         Practice Mode allows the player to discover new combinations and learn their favorite ones.

·         Awesome background music.

       ·     To be released December 2014 on the App Store for IOS 5.1 and later devices.

A Message From The Developer

I’m Kung Fu Flash’s creator.  I used to work on the space industry for 9 ½ years as a software engineer working in projects that ranged from GUI’s, space orbiter system simulation, and real-time hardware monitoring systems.  After early retirement from that line of work, I decided to pursue my lifelong dream of making video games and follow on the footsteps of my video game development role model, Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto.  I grew up playing Pac Man in its Atari 2600 incarnation when I was 4 years old.  After that, Nintendo gave me a new love and appreciation for digital entertainment.  That’s when I realized that I would want to make games when I grew up, and grew up I did.

One of my favorite games growing up as a teenager was TMNT in the arcades.  To me and my brother, that game was a perfect example of what fun, entertaining and awesome gaming should be like.  I was also exposed and fell in love with several fighting games including Street Fighter 2 and later games that follow in its successful formula.  Kung Fu Flash is the third game that I made from scratch.  The first one was a 4-player fighting game to the likes of Smash Brothers released on the Xbox 360 Indie Games sections back in 2010.  The second, a Mario Brothers inspired adventure about a bunny.

I’ve spend thousands of hours programming, sketching, drawing, manipulating sound effects, recording voice work, and many more, debugging Kung Fu Flash:  Wing Chun Unleashed.  I also trained with a Grandmaster in Wing Chun whose mastery of the art is represented in this work.  My goal is not only to make Kung Fu Flash the most awesome Kung Fu game of the year, but to make it the most fun for everyone.   I sincerely wish for everyone who plays this game to have a great time.

Pure Impact Entertainment President

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