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KFF Frequently Asked Questions



1.       What will be the storage requirement for Kung Fu Flash?

Answer:  KFF is expected to take about 600MB of storage on the user’s device.   Download size should be smaller!


2.      Will I be able to play Kung Fu Flash on my Android device?

Answer:  Only IOS devices with IOS 5.1 and later are currently supported, however, it is the desire of Pure Impact Entertainment to port KFF to as many devices and consoles as it can.


3.      Which Martial Arts will I be able to use?

Answer:  KFF currently focuses on the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu.  However, other fighting styles and arts are planned to be included in the form of downloadable content.


4.      What’s the difficulty curve in Kung Fu Flash?

Answer:  Kung Fu Flash has 3 selectable difficulty settings from the Options Mode; Beginner, Medium, and Expert.  We believe everyone can play and finish the game with these selectable difficulty settings.


5.      How many game modes does the game have?

Answer:  KFF currently has 4 main game modes:  The main Story Mode, Practice Mode where players can hone their skills, Survival Mode, and Challenge Mode.  Additional modes will be available in the form of DLCs after the game is released.